Oops Post...life update

Easter Services
Sorry to any readers who received an unedited off topic post about my skin today.
In the process of my editing the post for my 'skin' blog it got immediately posted to this blog! -_-  So annoying!
Anyhow made me realize it's been quite a while since I have updated this blog!  Truthfully I haven't had any new or fresh ideas.
So I will bore you with my life!
This past weekend was Easter. Our church had record services of 90 people in attendance.  Usually most services people are missing, but it was that service everyone came and brought some family or friends!
For the past month I have been babysitting my friends 2 toddlers...cutest little handfuls in the world!!  Sadly tomorrow will be my last day with them, but they certainly made my April eventful!
My bible memorizing has been a touch stagnant. Been moving slowly through Acts &Ephesians... But slow and steady wins the race right??
I have had the honor to be in one of my best friends weddings this up coming September. See her blog at thewrightbride.tumblr.com
I am attempting no sugar...again...lol
Easter did me in with much sweets and good food! 
A big thanks so all those who were praying for my skin, please continue it is getting better!!
Well folks I guess that is what's new in the zoo with myself!!  
Why I need to stop eating sugar...
Park fun!
A few of us "wright" maids & Ms 'Almost" Wright
My oldest Turned 10


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