Writing... My comfort

Blogging has become a comfort to me. A usually safe place for me to express my thoughts, emotions and life!  I truly love these moments. In the pitch black, phone in hand, quietness surrounds me... I write.

Some days I have brilliant ideas and am bursting with thoughts, others I am welled up with emotion that needs to get out of my mind and into cyber world.  And then there are days I just want to share the cray crays of Life as Lady Vee... Ahem Victoria is my name actually!

Growing up I was a huge journal-er  I also was a story writer. I just loved getting my thoughts on paper. Writing was like taking a photo of my thoughts! 

Writing has stopped me from saying stupid things, though it also has been means to say stupid things!  Writing helps me wind down and sift through my emotions and also has unleashed wisdom I didn't know I possessed.

Writing truly is therapeutic for me and usually my go to when I am really excited or really upset. Paper always listens without interruption! And always accepts what I have to say!

What is one of your passions or loves? What makes your heart tick and brings fulfillment and satisfaction. As Christians our underlying hope and rock is Jesus Christ, but He gives us passions and interests to help us and enrich our lives!

What are some of your interests?

Below are some recent family life pictures!


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