Pastor Wifing

I was asked some of these questions recently and thought I may share them you

Did you feel called to be a Pastor's Wife?

Please don't make me laugh, I didn't feel called to do diddly,but I do feel this is something I am called to do. The way I see it if you are a PW, well it's sure as heck is your calling now!  If you aren't, don't worry about it, or crave the position... More to it than the title.

Do you like being a Pastors Wife?

Depends on the day you ask me!  Haha
Nice honest answer for you. Truthfully I thought Pastor Wifing was going to be much worse and harder than far so good!
But I do have my days that I just want to say sianara!!

What do you like about being a Pastors Wife?

I like being used for Gods kingdom.  I like my nick name 'Lady Vee'.  I like that it keeps me accountable and holds me to a higher standard than I would usually hold myself.

What don't you like about it?

I don't like that sometimes that's all I am. 'Oh that's the pastors wife over there' Ugh hello I have a name...why am I forever associated with the guy that preaches? Haha

Do you ever feel left out from the congregation?

Nope!  Got a life thanks! Haha all jokes a side... There have been seasons I have felt left out. You start a church and give your everything for the people and then they grow and move on with life.  Those moments are bitter sweet.

Have you ever been hurt by church members?

Nothing that I would say is major or something I will remember for years to come.  You have to have tough skin and a good hubby... Those two things will get you through hurts people cause... Aside from your relationship with Christ of course.

What's it like being married to a preacher?

Think share share share share!  If sharing wasn't your strongest suit in kindergarten....look out!  I share my hubby with 70+ people.  Other than that its just like being married to anyone else.

How often do you read your bible and pray?

The goal is I miss days...sometimes yes! Do I ever say 5 minute prayers...yes. But I do have a study plan and accountability and I think that helps keep consistency and encourages me.
No matter who you are we all need accountability partners for the basics of Christianity.

Advice to a new Pastors wife?

1)Be yourself
2)Love people and make sure they know you care.
3) Let your husband take care of the rest.

Lessons you have learned?

Probably the same as my advice.
Also I have learned apologize if you are wrong or if you have hurt someone. Even if you didn't meant to, it always best to just be humble and apologize. Soft answer turns away wrath.  Pw's aren't super humans... We make mistakes too...and that's ok, you just have to deal with them.

I also made some personal goals or rules for myself, they have helped me too.

What are your personal rules?

Uhh they are
Each person needs to make a list that suits them and their church. My approach to being a Pastor wife may not work for others or some personality types. But it is important to have a good understanding of what the bible says about being a woman of God. And understanding male leadership. My biggest fear would be to be a Jezebel... Lol so basically just don't do what she did..and your good to go!! Haha

Do you still have friends?

Ofcourse!  This is critical, crucial, necessary!
You need friends outside your church to let your hair down with....curly afro in my case. Lol

What is your hope as a Pastors Wife?

Well I actually have a huge burden for the Pastors wife herself. We are always taking care of others but rarely ourselves. I try my best to be open and honest so that not only do church folks get a Better idea of it, but so that other pw's know they aren't alone.  My blog is really for them.  I also have a burden for the aspiring pastor wife or future pastor wife...hope my life can give you some hope of what to look forward too and also give you a little heads up to some challenges you will face, but how you can navigate through!

Love ya
Lady Vee


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