Just a bad day!

Ever just get tired of every thing?  Just have those days that you are almost begging the sweet Lord to bring you home or atleast have a 'pre' rapture for 1?

Today was one of those days for me. One of those days where life just felt so dull and pointless. I felt unneeded, and at the same time not wanting to be needed.  Vex at the world and just finito!!

It's funny when I get like this because tomorrow I will be all 'in love with life'.
It reminds me not to make permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances.  If it were up to me today.. I would be on a one way flight to Europe!

But how important it is that we navigate through these 'downer' days!  That we don't just tell off that person we are upset with. That we don't just lash out at our spouses or do long term damage to our children.

When I get all 'funky', and notice it I immediately take a time out. Just step away before more fuel is added to the fire.

If you are having a bad day...like myself... Take some time to pray, read, reflect. Take some time to just thank Sweet Jesus for what you do have instead of what you don't.  Take some time to think about tomorrow being another day filled with hope and possibility...

And if all else fails...take a nap!! Often we are just tired, whether that be physically or mentally. So take a rest and know that if your day sucks..
Well so did mine and there are many others out there having crap days too!  You aren't alone...
And at least not ever day is a bad day!

Here's to tomorrow!!:)

Disclaimer: I wrote this two weeks ago....and would you believe, the bad day passed!! So will yours!!


  1. Haha, had one of these bad days not too long ago. I was sure it was the end of everything good in life (dramatic, I know), the next day I woke up and chuckled at how dramatic I was the day before. Thank God for the next day! His mercies are new every morning :)

    1. Amen and amen!!! Lol
      Thanks for stopping by!!

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