All by myself...

So here is a little honesty from one Pw's heart right to yours.

I am sure you have heard this before...and it isn't to gripe or complain about this blessed position of Pastor wife-ship...but I must share...

I am all by myself!! It can get lonely folks!  And this post really isn't to chat about why it's lonely but to share what God has taught me through the loneliness and how to overcome loneliness!  Because news flash Lady Vee... Pastor's wives aren't the only lonely folks in the universe!

When I first became a PW and encountered loneliness I didn't handle it well. I would gripe, complain, be sad, annoy the hubster...whine...oh and attempt to read my bible and pray... Lol but that was the last resort of course. Haha

Now after 5 years...a measly 5 years... I have learned a little bit. I have learned the lonely moments are the best to draw near to God. Way to give you a cliche huh? 
But let's get practical hubby leaves to go to a prayer meeting, or off to write a sermon and there I am. Wanting his attention, missing my friends, or just feeling completely out of place in my own church and what can I do?

I have two options...
I can give into temptation
Listen to the Devils foolishness and throw myself one HUGE pity party...


I can run to the one true friend I have in this world. The one person who is always there.
No matter what time of night, and he is never too busy for me!! Sounds like a good friend huh?  Well guess what He isn't just my friend... He is yours too! And He is your best option to turn to when loneliness comes nocking at your door.

Today loneliness came nocking...
And the Devil came with his agenda. He suggested a counter fit friend.  He suggested I watch the show 'friends' to make me feel better.  Now, heck I dont even watch TV, nor own a TV...but with the internet a date with 'friends' is only a click away...

Now I must confess in the past this counterfeit solution has been one I opted for. But it has never lead to me feeling any better.
So I sat at my computer... A click away from watching my once 'all time favorite show'.
But I opted out and chose to look for a sermon.  I came across a sermon about 'Overcoming temptation' by Robert Morris.

By the end I was empowered and went to study my bible. Spiritual practices lead to more spiritual practices. And in the end I didn't feel lonely. Because my God truly will supply all my needs. If you need a friend
...He will be your friend.  If you need comfort...He will be your comfort... He is the lifter of your head!  .

So moral of this long story...when you are lonely... Turn to Jesus. Perhaps praying isn't what you feel like at that moment... So watch a sermon, listen to a Christian song, read a Christian blog, watch a christian movie...

My evening started out with that lonely feel and by the end I was disappointed when my husband arrived home. Not that I wasn't happy to see him, but I so enjoyed my the with the Lord I didn't want it interrupted!!

Share your over coming loneliness testimony with me!!


  1. I have often turned to Robert Morris sermons myself! I find him very easy to listen to, to glean from, and his story-telling and humour keep my interest and have me searching for another sermon when it's done! Funny we've done the same thing in moments of drought, but there is truly nothing like God's truth to bring the rain! Thanks for your honesty and candidness here :)

    1. Yes he is very good! I want you to know I read your page but can't seep to leave comments from my phone! :/ keep em coming though!! I


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