A New Year...A New Way

Happy New Year Everyone

Wow, can't believe 2014 is upon us!!

At the start of every New Year more of us set out to make resolutions.  For a couple years, I didn't really make any, because I never kept them.  But last year I made two resolutions and managed to keep them.

1) Not to buy clothes for myself for a year! (Thanks Carly, I did it! Just barely, and had my "husband" buy me a dress & boots, that were truly needed)
2)No yelling. This was a fall resolution that I kept for the most part. Maybe only raised my voice 1 or two times, but no out right yelling.  Over all have become a much "calmer" person.

So this year I want to share my resolutions with you

1) Continued "anti" yelling campaign
2) No complaining-(about weather, fatigue, annoyances, life)This one will be challenging. But I plan to give my self on vent day at the end of each month....just so I don't BLOW! LOL

And my third and the one I want to write my blog on

My New Diet

A couple years ago I started a little "no sugar" diet fad. Every now and again I do green smoothie diets, and vegan eating.  I usually take on these random diets when I have a coupel pounds I want to loose quickly. But over the years I have noticed that "crash" diets don't really work for everyone.  And in the long term they don't quite work for me either. Living without sugar is like living without oxygen!

So over the month of December I told myself I would not gain on pound of the notorious 'holiday weight'.  And... I actually succeeded.  So how did I do that?  I wish I could have given this careful thought and practice years ago...but I truly believe this is they key to staying slim for life!  Ready??

Portion Control!
-__-  I know...sounds like nothing...but portion control is everything!  If you can train yourself to eat small portions of things you can eat whatever you like and not gain a pound!  This dawned on me when visiting one of my slim friends once. She is notorious for baking (heheh I am giving her away) but she is a slim as ever.  SO while i stayed with her I noticed she will only eat as sliver of a slice of cake. Or half a biscuit.  She will indulge in the good stuff...but eat very very little of it. And as a result...she looks great!

Another fun experiment is to blind fold yourself while you eat.  My friend was telling me about this.
She said to blind fold myself and stop when I feel full.  I did a couple times and was shocked to see the amount of food left over!  It is true...our eyes are bigger than our stomach.  If you have someone else that could dish the food out for you so you have no idea how much food was there in the first place, this would be even more interesting!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!
But this year, lets get our portions under control...and watch those pounds slip away!!


  1. I love making resolutions at the start of a new year! There's something about the beginning of a year that is inspirational to me- everything that I didn't do the year before, I get to try again at! he he
    Good luck with all you set out to do- and keep blogging! :)


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