The Pride of Wife

Alright my married're up!

How ironic life is? I usually would be reading married articles...not writing one!  Let's see what I've learned?


I personally didn't grow up with parents that were married.  So when I got married I was slightly clueless.  Not to mention I was 21 and completely naive.  Now 6 almost 7 years later, I would like to think I have learned a thing or two...yet I am drawing blank here... thing I have noticed with most marriage is that the problems are the same across the board.

"He never spends any time with me"
"She always wants me to spend time with her...." lol
"He is to busy at work"
"All she cares about is the house & kids"
"He spends more time with friends than me"
"He's always on his computer/phone"
"Not enough romance"
"She complains too much"
"She's too hard to please"
"He never talks to me"
"She talks too much"

These are the things husbands and wives usually argue I lying married ladies?
A common need for women is attention.  A common need for men is space.
Sometimes you wonder what the Good Lord was thinking when He made them "male and female".
We are just so different.  I see things reddish blue, my hubby see's things blueish red!
Absolutely everything about a man and woman is different.  And if you take a good look at your know you definitely aren't looking in the mirror.

So now what?  We already know men and women are opposite? No new info here Lady Vee!  You're right!!I have no new info for you, but I can tell you something that maybe isn't new...but if you apply it will change your marriage.  You ready?

So what is the answer to all these petty differences?

Acceptance...yup...nothing fancy
You dear little wifey need to accept you are different and that you're man is different and find a way to work with that.

Here are some examples

"Not enough romance"
You want a candlelit dinner...either you ask him to make you one, or you make one and brag to your friends about the "candlelit dinner you had last night"(no one has to know you made it hahaha).  Because let's be honest...that's what most married women want the romance for. To brag to their about how perfect their husband is...barf!(that's a post of it's own)  But hey, we have to be honest. Bottom line if you want something you ask or you provide it yourself.  Stop whining that he doesn't just "do it" naturally...he is not you!

"He doesn't talk to me"
Go call a friend and talk to them for crying out loud!  Your husband is NOT your girlfriend. And he never will be.  If he doesn't talk to you as much as you would like, it's probably because he isn't a woman.  Did you know women use more words in a day then men do?  Of course you do! Do the math!!

"He spends more time with his friends than he does with me"
I am sure you can already guess what I have to say...
MAKE SOME FRIENDS!! LOL You never hear men complain about this?
You know why? Because they aren't women! HAHAHA
Honestly love, if he is spending time with his friends...go spend time with yours...

Now I know this didn't give any of you any immediate satisfaction...but I want to clue you in on one secret I have learned about men.  They love the chase...

If you are always complaining they are always busy with their know what they will do?  Continue to be busy with their friends. They may stop temporarily to appease you, but the same problem will always arise.  So you know what you need to do? Go be busy...and let them come home to an empty house. Let them notice...hey I walked in the door and she barely said anything to me...let me go talk to her!  The best way to get what YOU want is to do what they do.
Kinda like thinking like a man...acting like a lady!  Never read the book, but I am sure you get the idea.  I realized lots can change in a marriage if just one person changes.

A soft answer turns away wrath...that is proof our behaviour can change someone else's.

Then comes the "well you don't know my husband" wives...
And while their is always exceptions...they are rare...
Most women put the blame on their husband because they don't want to CONSISTENTLY change.
We say "Oh I tried that"...tried it for like 5
If you have a bad reputation in your marriage for being a "complainer", it is going to take a little bit of time for your hubby to come around.  But I bet you ...HE WILL!

So at the end of the day, my dear wifey, you change, and watch the marriage change.
And in the end when you have an amazing marriage...That's the Pride of WIFE

Peace Out


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