Tis the Season

I know it's a tad early, but if the malls can get away with Christmas decorations right after Halloween, I certainly can get away with mid November.

Yup, that's right folks...I put up my Christmas decor! And before you beleaguer me with how it's too early, let me just say this is the first year my home has arrayed the splendor of tinsel so early on. Usually I put things up between Nov25-Dec 1.

I was in the mall over the weekend and the beatific displays in the store windows were calling 'tis the most wonderful time of the season' and so the Christmas cheer began in my home.  I was also a bit more anxious this year because my dear Momma gave me all new ornaments for my tree this year.  They are all quite Victorian(how appropriate).

I don't know about you but I love the Christmas season. I love the christmas jazz music that dances through the malls, the sound of the bells jingled by the salvation army collectors. I love to bundle up and walk into a warm sweet smelling home.  I love the sparkly bright lights and yummy dishes.  And thats what most of us love about Christmas.

If we are Christians we of course will say how the true meaning of christmas is the birth of Christ.  But sometimes I think we say it more out of obligation than anything.

So how does Jesus really fit in modern day Christmas? Well he really doesn't?  I mean if we really go back to the nativity scene we see a couple who just gave birth in a barn and wrapped the child in whatever cloth they could find! Not quite the 'ideal' circumstance. How many of us would really want that to be our first child experience? No epidural! No nurse! No family visits! Spare a few pigs and sheep!  How is it that the King of all Kings who came from streets of gold entered the world in such...filth?

What a wonderful look at the God we serve. Humble. Simple. Yet powerful and majestic.
God reveals two sides to us in scripture. One of great humility and one of great honor. In heaven are many mansions yet he came to earth to live in a barn.

I think Christmas gives us an opportunity to appreciate God for who He is.  It isn't wrong to have nice beautiful things but it is wrong if those nice beautiful things have you. 

This Christmas season instead of getting caught up try and look for Christ in all you are doing.  If you are buying gifts for others, think about the ultimate gift of salvation and begin to pray for those who you are giving gifts to.  When planning special dinners and events with friends and family, pay special attention to the less fortunate or family-less.  Let Gods kindness be extended through you inviting people you wouldn't normally into your circles like Christ did with us.  Taking the very least of us.
As you decorate your home reflect on the home you will have in heaven.  And how this home is just temporary. Ask God to show you how to store up for yourselves treasures in heaven and not just here on earth.

See I don't think Jesus is all against modern day Christmas, but I do think modern day Christians tend to forget the reason for the season. Don't let celebrating Christ be an obligation this Christmas... Let it really come from within!

Here are some photos of my new Christmas decorations. 


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