Lady Vee Product Haul

Here is a list of my favorite products, stores and brands

For Hair

1) Tresume Natural Conditioner
2)Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

For Face

1) Spectro Gel Dry Skin
2)Mac Concealer


1)Warm Cotton By CLEAN
2)Vanilla Lace-Victoria Secret

For Body

1) African Black Soap
2) Aveeno (Generic Version) Lotion

To Clean

1) Lavender Pinsol
2) Bleach Lemon Scent

For Home

1) Marshemellow Fire Side Scented EVERYTHING from Bath and Body works(this is serious 2 year obsession of mine)
2) Pumpkin Apple Wallflowers (Bath and Body Works)

For Dishes

1) Sunlight Cucumber Melon Scent
2) Cascade Liquid Gel for dishwasher

For Shopping

1) Walmart
2) No Frills

For Clothing if I was Rich

1) Burberry
2) Kate Spade

For Clothing Since I'm Not

1) Old Navy

For Shoes

1) Guess (heels)
2) Walmart-whatever else

For Eating out

1) Famoso (for cheap nights)
2) Spuntini's (when I got a "coin" to drop)

For Ordering In

2) Potugueese Place "Costa Verde"

For Snacking

1) Kernels Pop Corn- double butter and caramel mix
2) Cheese....just plain old cheese will do

What are some of your favorite products or stores?


  1. Here is my list based on the things that I cannot negotiate ;)
    Hair: Head & Shoulders
    Dippiti do hair gel & Moroccan oil
    Face: Aveeno Daily Scrub then Aveeno daily/night time moisturizer
    To Clean: Lysol, Pine-sol lavender, Comet.
    Home: Candles ONLY in the fall/winter Vanilla or cinnamon
    Shopping: Walmart & Superstore & Dollarama
    Books: AMAZON!
    Dining: Anywhere with a variety on the menu where the total meal is less then 25.00
    Coffee: Starbucks
    Sewing/quilting: The Hobby Horse
    Specialty stores. Lego store, David's tea, Hobby horse, Hallmark, Bath & Body Works, Michaels.

  2. I forgot to mention:
    Order in: Chinese or Sushi
    Snack food: Tortilla's and salsa with melted cheese...or chipotle goat cheese....mmm

    1. I like to try new products, so I have to say, I'm not as loyal to a specific brand as you. BUT, here are a few that I really love:

      Face Cream: Elizabeth Arden
      Toothpaste: Sensodyne or Colgate
      Nail Polish: Essie
      Hairspray: Tre Semme
      Soap: Dove
      Snacks: Jack's Special Salsa (from Costco- it's simply amazing!)
      Black Diamond Cheese, and Crispy Crunch Chocolate bars (doesn't happen often, but thanks to Trick or Treating, I'm stealing from my boy's!)

  3. Thanks ladies for your replies... I will have to try out some of your favorite products :)

  4. Thanks ladies for your replies... I will have to try out some of your favorite products :)

  5. Hair:
    Creme of Nature Conditioner
    Coconut Oil
    Jamaican Black Castor Oil
    Marcelle Mask and Exfoliant
    Cetaphil Moisturizer (This and Marcelle Products are great for sensitive skin)
    Glycerin Soap

    Rimmell Mascara is the bomb diggity
    Mac Concealer
    Cover Fx Loose Powder- to soak up that oil on your skin!!!

    Bath and Body Dahlia Rose
    Victoria Secret- Purple bottle (don't remember the name)

    Vim! So faithful lol
    Lysol Wipes! Another faithful one
    And whatever my mom buys haha

    Was too lazy to do everything else. I find watching/reading hauls so interesting, even though I never try them lol


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