The Problem of Busyness

Most people are just too busy! This is a point for quick agreement, but subtle danger involved in our busyness is that most of us never stop and realize that in most cases we can do something about it. We tend to look wildly and unrealistically in every other directions for the cause of trouble. Most of us feel like helpless victims where our work and activity schedules are concerned. For  five or six years, this was entirely true of me.

Then one day, when I had actually fallen asleep on someone's sofa in the middle of conversation, I began to take stock.
What was actually important? How much of this activity was God actually instigating? How much of it was the consequence of my own bad judgment, and how much of it was guided by the holy spirit within me?  What was really gained that evening I fell asleep during what to me was no longer 'sweet fellowship'?
A women's ego often pushes her into a whirlwind life of busyness.  If you are capable, and if the ladies adore you and heap compliments on your pretty head every time you host a fellowship or organize the next church event, just be wary.  It is easy to mistake the voice of flattery for the voice of God.  Especially if  you've been busy for so long, there hasn't been a real quiet time to hear God speak.

The voice of God is always speaking to us, and always trying to get out attention. But his voice is a 'still, small voice' and we must atleast slow down in order to listen.

Eugenia Price

I came across this devotional today as I dug into the book of Isaiah ( Lord help me).
It really gripped my heart. How us ladies, especially the perfectionist types can pride ourselves on all we accomplish in a day!  But how many of us can pride ourselves in the time spent in the word or in prayer?....gulp!!

My October challenge...busy free month.
Oh and for those who were following, I have not yelled since since I made my September challenge. I officially don't raise my voice at my children anymore!!  And that little challenge has changed so much about me...but that's another blog...

Night ladies!!
Lady Vee


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