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Lady Vee in da house....

Oh I love writing, you know why?  Because I can say things I couldn't get away with "saying".  I can take on tones and crack jokes that, if truth be told I don't have the confidence to put on in real life!  It got me thinking about how often we don't put ourselves on "blast".  We are so afraid to let the world know who we really are.  So we sit politely in a corner, smiling and worrying what everyone is thinking about us!!

Being a GIRL is just so gosh darn difficult!   We need to look a certain way, act a certain way, 
think a certain way and then have talents( wish I had some of those...).  There is just so MUCH pressure, being a lady! Sometimes I think in our pursuit to be "lady like" "Godly" and "Christlike" we completely just lose ourselves!  Our personalities and talents that God gave us.  We want to be Ms Proverbs 31, but God has his own version of Prov 32 that he wants to create in us! PRAISEE...because I am so not into the rising while it's still night thing!  I need my sleep thanks!!

Anyhow, part of my day in the life of a pastors wife was because I wanted to share my life, my world, my heart!  Been doing a pretty pathetic job lately...but guess what I was home schooling and attempting home daycare...TOO BUSY!

But here we go folks!  Back to sharing, back to showing, back to a day in the life of THIS Pastors Wife!

Here we go!

Can I just say though, one thing that makes it hard to do this blog is that most of followers know me!! (waaahhhh)  So it's a just a bit embarrassing to tell y'all I was in tears on the church office floor because my skin hurt so much sunday....(nervous laughter...just kidding).  Or it's hard to say when my piano stopped working sunday night at offering I was supper embarrassed when the guys went up after me and started clanking on the piano and it magically "started working". I really want to share those real moments?  Is that ok?

Can we just be real?  I noticed many Christians aren't real at all!  They hide behind "keeping the victory" and "I am a private person". And while I respect "keeping the victory" and being "private", I still think there needs to be balance.  People need to see the real you!  That's what attracts people to Christ.  The fact you aren't perfect, but you still are serving.  

I have been so discouraged because of people that refuse to just "be real" and tell the truth.  Thinking I am a complete failure because I struggle or have off moments while everyone seems fine and dandy!!

Moral of the story...let's be real! Let's show the world who we really are!  Let's let God's work in us be evident to others.  Let's stop the charades and the insecurities. Let's stop the comparing. Let's just be us!! :D


  1. Lady Vee! The "older" I get, the more comfortable I become in my own skin, and I stop putting too much weight on what others might be thinking of me. I think this is a huge hurdle for women, because we want to know that everyone likes us, and the pressure from this hinders our freedom to simply "be". I heard a quote once, "its none of our business what someone else thinks of us". If we can live with that perspective, it can truly liberate us to just live out who we are- no apologies, and no comparison. Thanks- I enjoy your posts!

    1. Thanks Cherly. I think age plays a big part too. When we are younger we are so much more insecure and unsure of ourselves. I am slowly getting to the point I just don't care. Lol. I like the quote... Very wise!! Luv ya. Thanks for stopping by :)


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