A Lady Vee Adventure-Trip to Nova Scotia

This past weekend I took an surprise trip to Nova Scotia to see one my best friends and her family!
It was quite the adventure and thought I would share the experience with you all!  And for all of you that know her, she says hello and misses you guys! XOXOX

They welcomed me at the airport with these sweet signs!!

A little bit of the car ride from the air port..just a taste of how beautiful this place is

My bedroom window...felt like I was staying in a 5 star bed & breakfast

Us outside a cute little shop in town

I absolutely love this picture with the church in the background

SO funny!!

Doesn't this all look delish?  Well it's actually SOAP!!  Smelled heavenly!

In Nova Scotia there is water everywhere you turn

My fav Family!! :)

We pulled over just to take thes picture.  Doesn't the scenery look out of a painting?

My little Mermaid! :)

This was the first supper of MANY!!

Here I am breaking the law, sitting on someones boat! LOL It began to move as I sat there! My feel were barely holding on to the board walk!

I like this photo

My Trip to Halifax (Capital of Nova Scotia)

The boat ride over to the city.


Precious lady playing the spoons on the board walk

This picture was taken wit my cameras timer.  Someone was walking by, I was afraid they would take my camera, Sheri-lynne was afraid that they would ruin the photo.  Neither happened :)


Me on the anchor

He didn't even crack a smile

We went for lunch here... 

I am all Sm'ored out!!

The ocean!

I wish I didn't look so mad in this picture...

Oh do these pictures ever have a funny story too them...but too long to share

The Usanov Family and ME!!

Love these shots as we were chatting!!

And that was my lovely trip to Nova Scotia

I am so happy to have been able to spend times with my dear friend and her family!  These memories will last a life time!!Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great pictures! I was vacationing vicariously through you! he he
    It looks so lovely there- you must have had a great time!

  2. So jealous! I miss them! And I want to vaycay somewhere in Canada and get to know the beauty of my country!


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