Burden Carrier

Have you ever felt weighed down?  As If you were carrying the entire worlds problems on your shoulders?

Being burdened with the cares of this world is no fun task.  Becoming burdened is a subtle process in which we take our problems and attempt to fix them and fail to surrender them to our Lord. We tell God about it in prayer, but only temporarily allow Him to hold the burden until we are finished praying.  Then we pick the burden back up and go on our merry way.  Before long we are so heavily burdened, the smallest issues of life seem unbearable.

We are left with stress, depressed and frustrated that such a little issues could cause us to crumble.  When really it's a whole lot of burdens we have been carrying and failing to surrender to Jesus. And one little burden just broke the camels back.

I think women can be particularly guilty for being 'burden carriers'.  We rename it with words like ' prioritizing' 'planning' 'being wise' 'concern' ' protection' ' thinking' 'discussing' and the list goes on  and on.  When really at the root, is our lack of trust in God.

Releasing a burden is no easy task.  Most of our burdens are so dear to our hearts.  We wouldn't just give them to just anyone to take care of.  Sadly we sometimes won't even give it to God who is much better able to take care of it than we are.  We get in our little tunnel vision minds that we are fine! We can handle it! We got it all figured out!  But you know what happens when you carry your burdens? You lose your joy! You lose hope! You lose life!

I challenge you my dear readers to cast tour cares to Jesus this week and leave them there!


This picture is my hubby carrying His greatest burden!  Haha! Me! Lol


  1. He he, cute picture! You can take my mug shot for this post, because I'm guilty! It's easy to carry burdens too heavy for our shoulders- but very difficult to live successfully doing so. Great post, great reminder!


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