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It's monday.  It's 5:41pm.  I am sitting in my sweats, in my bed.  Am I sick?  No!  I don't know how this happened, but for the last hour I have been, feet up, in my bed, reading through blogs and chatting with a dear friend.  This almost never happens so early in the day!  To celebrate,  I thought I would take rather strange turn of events to write a post for y'all!

I have been married for 6 years! That may not be a huge accomplishment, nor does it make me a veteran in the area of marriages, but you learn a thing or two after a couple I thought I would share  "Lady Vee's Marriage Improvement 101".  Here we go....

1)Get a Life- In my opinion wives don't have lives.  They are all fussed about what's for dinner, laundry, groceries and the like, they never do anything outside of that.  And all work and no play, doesn't leave some one fun to come home to at the end of the day.  Get a life girls!  Go out have some fun! Make some plans with your friends.  How will this improve your marriage? Because when you do things you like to do, it makes you happy.  When you are happy, hubby wants to hang around you more often.  When hubby wants to be around you more often, you are happy! :)  It's a win, win! Also when you are busy having a life, you are too busy to nitpick at every problem in your marriage!

2)Becoming Friends-I can't stress how important it is to develop a "friendship" with your hubby.  Now I doubt he will ever be your "best friend". I think that's just a stereo-typical cliche wives like to make when bragging to their friends!  I rarely hear a man-unless over 65 say his wife is his best friend.  Unless she is right there of course, and God for bid he say otherwise.  But I do think we should value having a friendship with our beau!  Being able to just chat about stuff, laugh about stuff, and get into each others worlds!  Friendship grows over years, and isn't something rushed or forced.  When was the last time you were a friend to your hubby?  Listened to him rant about something you could care less about?

3)God First-Well DUH!!  And in theory this means nothing, but in practice, wow this means EVERYTHING!!  I can't explain how often I have seen when I put my relationship with Christ at the forefront, my marriage flourishes!  But when I am running spiritually empty...let's just say a little squabble is surely to follow! It's a guarantee, every single time!!!!  We are better spouses when Christ is living in us!  Don't under-estimate the power of God and His ability to change you and help you in your marriage.  Use your marriage to be a blessing to others, don't just hoard your spouse to yourself.  Have people over, go outreach together, reach out to those in need in your church.  If you are financially able, bless others together as a couple.  This will unleash such fruitfulness in your marriage!

Well folks, while I could give so many other suggestions, small changes will yield bigger.  So just try out one or all of these suggestions and watch the effect it has on your marriage!  And for all my single-ladies-keep these in mind, and apply #1 & # 3 to you're life without the man! :)

Lv Y'all

P.S.  Here's what I had for dinner over at Cooking with Lady Vee


  1. Great tips! And SIX YEARS is a huge accomplishment. Not many make it that far nowadays.

    I love your tips They are so practical and simple. But life changing! You are awesome!

    1. Thanks Carly! :) my tips help me too! Lol. Easy to give advice, taking it is another thing! Great to have you stop by! Xoxox

  2. I luv it! 6 yrs IS an accomplishment! Coming from 1yr over here lol Great tips, very tru

    1. Essy! One year already! Wow, so proud of you guys! xoxox

  3. Celebrate your 6 years, thats great!!!
    And i loved how you said the "best friend" thing is a cliche unless your over 65! hahaha i totally agree with that and liked your honesty ;)


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