Did I say that out loud?

Saturday morning, I was out for a run.  Enjoying the hot sun (NOT). When I run, I go into this zone!  Almost like the whole world disappears and it's just me, my runners and the pavement!  I  get lost in a world of thought, especially if I am not listening to music!  So as I began to wrap up my run, I slow down and continue thinking.  Who knows what, but I am thinking quite loudly. Since I had slowed down running, I happened to notice a man parked with his window open looking at me.  Almost as if I had been talking to him.  I continue past him, and had a bit of a sinking feeling.  Had I been thinking out loud?  Did he hear me?  I managed to convince myself otherwise, but it got me thinking about our thoughts.

See we have this impression our thoughts are private.For "us only".  We are able to say all the right things, and do the right things, and no one would ever know what we are really thinking.  I know there have been plenty of times my thoughts have contradicted my actions. And rightfully so, because our thoughts are not always appropriate.  But how we can think just because no one heard it, we don't have to deal with it.

That saturday morning, was a wakeup call to me that God hears every single one of my thoughts.   The bible says to "take every thought captive to obey Christ".  Every single thought we have ever had has been recorded and prepared for our day of judgment.  We will have to give an account of our envious thoughts, idle thoughts, jealous thoughts, lustful thoughts, bitter and angry thoughts...all of it!

I can't explain how overwhelmed I felt when I thought that man had just heard what I had been thinking, and I don't even think I was thinking anything "bad".  Maybe something stupid like "look the ants aren't eating the rice and peas that someone threw on the ground, maybe ants don't like jamaican food?" LOL True Story! I did have that thought during my run.  But nonetheless I knew that whatever I was thinking I certainly wasn't comfortable sharing with the world!

How would you feel if every thought you had today was posted online?  Or played for your entire church to hear?  How would that change their view of you?  Do your thoughts honor God on a regular basis?  I heard a quote once that said "sometimes we are sitting down on the outside, but standing up on the inside".  Many of us have the outward christianity thing going!  I call it 'Professional Christianity'. You serve God long enough and you know what to do, but what about those thoughts?

I challenge you this week to hold every thought captive, to discipline your mind and be renwed in your thinking!  How easy it is to let your mind go astray, but there is a consequence to that...

Happy Thinking Y'all

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  1. This is so perfect Vee! Exactly what I needed :) Thank you.


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