Spread Thin

Have you ever ordered a  bagel that was severely lacking butter?  It  tastes very dry and flavorless  doesn't it?  I am a huge fan of butter, so if my butter is spread too thinly, we got issues! LOL

It got me thinking about Pastors Wives (although this can happen to anyone).  But I have first hand seen how PW's can be spread way to thinly across their congregation. Everyone wants a piece of the dear PW.  But sadly she can't be there for everyone.  She can't know each one of you as deeply as you may like her too, she may not be able to invite you over or spend lots of time with you, but I assure you she cares.

As a PW myself, I have had my "thinly spread" 'butterless' moments.   I think each congregation needs to protect their PW and one another from being spread too thinly.  Here are some helpful practices

1) What you would want from your PW, do for someone else.  She can't invite everyone out for a meal, or extend her hand to everyone-although she will try.  Relieve some of that, by building good relationships with other new comers and saints in your congregation.

2) Understand: If  you have a church with 100 women, and 30 days in a month, that's about 3 women per day she would need to get together with to have a personal relationship with all of you.  This would leave her zero time for family, church affairs or just plain relax time.  Being a PW, I so desire to  know all the girls in my church, but as my church grows I am quickly understanding that is a bit tougher.  So if she hasn't invited you out in a while, or forgets to greet you at church have grace.

3) Reversal of Roles: Often people are wanting a relationship with their PW but they are waiting for her to reach out to them!  Why not you take the first step and reach out to her!  

4. Privacy- Be a good friend to your PW by keeping your time with her private. Announcing it to all your friends can only lead others to feel left out or sad.  This can make it hard for your PW to reach out to others individually out of fear that someone will feel left out because she wasn't able to do the same for them.

I do hope all my lovely readers help their PW's from becoming spread to thinly.  Do take the burden off her, and be a blessing!  When my church first started it was all me all the time,  I did it all, but as the church has grown the women have began to alleviate me of some of my burdens.   They can get together and hang out without me.  They help with ministries and run ladies events!  It really is a blessing, gives me an opportunity to refresh and be a better mother, wife and PW.  The last thing any church needs is a burnt out PW.

Happy Wednesday and take your PW out for a slice of this to avoid being spread thin! ( hint hint hahaha)


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