Quiet around here

As the summer season gears into full swing and my daily calendar fills up, blogging has become one of the areas I seldom find time for.  I want to express my apologies to my faithful readers.  My consistency has completely tanked.  But I still love you guys and will be writing here and there.  So continue to check in and stop by, I am not going anywhere, just in a bussier than usual season of life!
xoxoxxo  here are some pics to tide you over! :)
Hosted a little dinner tonight-We ate Strawberry Salad, BBQ Chkicken and  Rice & Peas

My little desert table-I made Carrot cake with Pecan & Cream cheese Icing :) MMHH

The two prettiest kids in the world! :D

This is youngest new pose :)

A little girl I take care of-she had a face rash so we put zinc on it!  The picture cracks me up

One of the many reasons I am so busy!  I think two children is enough for me thanks!


  1. A full and wonderful season Vee! Your dinner and dessert look amazing. You are so good at blessing people.


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