Adventures with Lady Vee

It has been a while since I gave a little life update!  So here we go!

Life has been busy from taking care of my kiddos, dealing with eczema issues, church , babysitting to visiting one of the 7 wonders of the world!  So I haven't had much a chance to blog.  But I do have some fun adventures to share! 

Adventure #1- Eczema, has been quite the experience.  Especially being am adult with eczema. No fun, and quite the shoot to the ego, but I have been believing and contending for healing. I recently researched all the scriptures on healing in the bible and have committed to memorize them all.  I have also been praying for the gift of healing. I so desperately want to see God move in the supernatural.  If not in my body at least in others. As Christians we settle for this ho- hum mediocre life that doesn't reflect the Christianity we see in the bible by a long shot!  What makes us think this even is Christianity?  Anyhow...let's contend for more :)

Adventure #2- Spuntini's Italian Restaurant!  If there was ever a best Italian restaurant in the world...this surely is it!  I dined there for the 4th time and enjoyed Spaghetti Alamoré.  If that doesn't sound good than you got issues. It's a rich cream tomatoe sauce with red peppers and yummy spices. In the sweetest mort classy restaurant ever!  If you're a Torontonian, it's a must visit!  They also have a whole wall filled with pictures of all the celebrities that go's a neat wall! 

Adventure #3- 7 wonders of the world stop... the CN Tower!  Being from the city I have been there on two occasions but I was fortunate to go with some newbies, so felt like my first time again!  We walked the glass Floor and glass elevator down. It was also neat, while I was there a friend text asking where I was, I texted back ' on top of the cn tower'. Pretty neat reply!   The cn tower is the tallest free standing building in the world!  It has a beautiful view. I have to say that the world from that view is so beautiful, it's no wonder God sent his son to die on the cross for our sins!

Adventure #4- After church sing-along.  There truly is never a dull moment with the NY church.  Last service  we enjoyed some new talent as one of the brothers had just learned guitar. He played  songs and we all sang along. It was quite the sight as we all huddled around him singing 'Your love Never Fails' at the top of our off key lungs!  It definitely will go down in history as a Memorable PHNY( potters house north York) Moment!

Well folks...I  am off!  It is Canada Day weekend!  Another plus! Enjoy Everyone! :)


  1. LOVE your adventures Vee!! I hope someday I can travel up to Canada for some of that Italian restaurant and to experience church and life with you!

    1. Yes! If you come to Canada I will show you around! Xo. I love your Adventures too!


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