The Complainer!

Have you ever met some one that no matter how good the situation was had the special talent of finding fault? You know those "the glass is half empty" type of people?  Always a complaint, never content  and satisfied?

I have to admit, I can have a tendency to be one of those people.  I mean, you want to be happy, but there is always something?  So I challenged myself to a "Complain free Month.  Instead of complaining about all the wrong in my world, I will rejoice in the right!  I actually began this challenge a couple days ago.  And although I haven't passed with flying colors.... yet, it has helped me to re-channel my mind and thoughts to the things that are well with the world.

Here are some common complaints we make that I have been challenging myself not to say or think:

1) The Weather: this is one of the easiest complaints, too hot, too cold, but the weather functions in a way that is beneficial to the earth.  The rain, the snow, the sun, the wind all play key roles in the environment.

2)"I'm tired":Yikes this one is tough, but I have been doing much better.  Sometimes I think we make ourselves tired by all the talk about it.  We wake up after an 8 hour sleep and the first thing out of our mouth and hour later is "I'm tired".  No we are crazy! :)

3)Occupation: It's so easy to complain about your job, but I tell you if you lost it those complaints would be a thing of the past and you would be wishing, hoping and praying you could get it back.  If it's making you money, be thankful!  There are many who are unemployed.

4)People: People love to complain about people, don't they?  If our kids don't clean their room, we are complaining, if hubby forgot the milk, we complain.  We have become a very intolerant generation.  Trade your complaints of others to grace.  Imagine if instead of God extending grace to you, He aired all His complaints about you?  YIKES, that would be terrible.  So lets go easy on one another :)

So my dear readers, do join me on a Complaint Free Month! :)

Also here is a little glimpse of my weekend

Victoria Day Church Picnic

Nothing like a kiss from your baby!

Pretty Sisters

Terrence had to have his spot on my blog! LOL

A Happy Bunch

Good Food

The Life of the Party

Awaiting the food blessing! LOL

A Full House Sunday

Happy Anniversary-celebrating 6 years on Victoria Day

The Art Gallery

Yummy Turkish Food & Iced Chocolate

Volleyball at the Beaches

Landscaping-The After

The Before


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