Scavenger HUNT

Every month, our church hosts some sort of ladies event.  Usually I am the host of these events, but this year I decided to get others involved and allow the women to host the events.  LAst month we had a Tea Party which was a huge success!  This month we had our first ever scavenger hunt!  It really was such a good time!  One thing I love about not being the host of these events is that I get to participate!
Here are some of the details of our little shindig!
The Hosts: Abi & Jemimah
The Theme: Scavenger Hunt around my neighbourhood
The Food-BBQ Chicken, Mini Gourmet Burgers, Grilled Corn & Cocktails
The WINNERS:1st Place-Anita & Jackie
2nd Place-Arietha & Lady Vee(we were first back, lol-truly 1st place :))
3rd Place-A very Pregnant Sharadee & Jennalyn's
Here are some photos of the day
You should have seen these ladies taking out gloss prior to taking the photo! I got it on video! So funny!

These ladies weren't so bad :)

Flattering shot of myself,, my partner looks cute :)

Take a photo of a child playing on monkey bars-CHECK!

Find the hidden forbidden fruit! CHECK!!

I wish I had taken more memorable pictures of this fun day!  One thing though that we all took home is that christians can have a darn good time!  Are you enjoying your christianity? I sure hope so!  


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