The Curly Girl Method

I can't believe this is happening.  I am about to blog about hair! Ha!

Alrighty-roo, I want to be completely transparent to my "Day in the Life of a PW", and it really wouldn't be fair to leave this out!

So I have curly hair! I have always had curly hair, never quite new the niceness of my "curly hair" because media would have you believe anything that isn't straight isn't good!  Anyhow after many years of seeing my hair grow then all break off and the cycle repeat, I needed some kind of "hair" change. Straightening my locks were certainly not the answer. A dear friend enlightened me of the curly girl method.

Now I have naturally curly hair.  This method can work for anybody with naturally curly hair(not just black folks) As the founder herself is a beautiful caucasian lady.  So needless to say that kind of made me hesitant  cause her curls are different than mine, yet the science behind it made sense, so I began my Curly Girl Method

It consisted of

1) No more poo's (as in shampoo's)
2) Silicone and sulphate free conditioners
3) Wash and go routines
4) Alcohol free gel and I was god to go!
5) oh and my personal fav...good bye combs & brushes!

I can honestly say I haven't combed or washed my hair in 5 months! Hehe!   Before you all go clicking off my page in disgust, you switch from washing to co-washing(washing with conditioner only)  Counting on massaging the scalp to remove dirt and oils.  And finger detangling to prevent you from dreading!

I would never have thought this method would change my hair so much, my curls have never looked this defined, springy or shiny!  This method has changed my hair life for the better! LOL

Anyhow, just thought I would share, I run out of blog ideas from time to time, here's something a little different and right out of my "personal pw" drawer! :)

LOL this pic has nothing to do with my hair, but i wanted to show the "money" holder I made for my mother in laws wedding! :)
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  1. Happy u found the curly hair method! Lol I'm back on the "Healthy Hair Band wagon" and I'm kinda intense too! But it's the best way to go!


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