She's Nine

This day, 9 years ago, I gave birth to the sweetest most gorgeous baby I had ever seen!
I was a 18 year old single mom, but when she entered my world, none of that mattered!

Well now that sweet little bundle of joy is a spicy not so little young lady with personality to-boot!
Motherhood really is a bitter-sweet experience.  There is such a joy in watching your children grow, yet such a pain and sadness.  I long to see her future, yet reminisce and cling to her past.

As my precious daughter gets older, it's just a reminder so am I!  No longer am I sweet 19, but a not so sweet 27! (sigh).  I definitely have mixed emotions as my little one becomes a big one! And I finally had the thought, I wonder how my parents feel? Felt? How it is for them to look at their children now as independent adults with their own lives and issues.

All their years of work and  parenting either paid off or it didn't, and now they are left paying the price of that, whether good or bad?   Then I took it a step further to think how to my grandparents feel( I am fortunate to have all four still alive).  To live through 3 generations and to see how much it has changed from when they were growing up. And my final thought, aaaahh one day I could be a grandparent?

LOL I am having a mid blog crisis! Well folks, not sure the moral of the story here but I will go out on a whim and say "Life is too short, so you better take pictures!"

I attached this video, I listen to this song on my daughters birthdays to remind me to appreciate TODAY! If you can't view click here

Warning if you are a mom this will surely make you cry.  If you're a cryier...yup get out the tissue box prior to watching

Have a lovely evening!


  1. Nice video! it really helps remind me to enjoy each season of life im in


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