Random thoughts on a Monday Night with Lady Vee

It's monday night!

Mondays I always look forward to.  Sort of a bit of a "weekend" for me.  My weekends are usually very busy so monday is my unofficial "sabbath".  Anyhow, I was doing some reading and realized, I am due a post!  I had such endearing thoughts throughout the week, but forgot to write any of them down! (LOSER I AM).   So I guess I have to wing it!

Lately I have had all sort of changes in my life.  Wrapping up my daughters year of homeschooling!  She is nearly two grades ahead! Go her! And wow has it ever reminded me that I hate fractions! LOL
Another Lady Vee Creation-weekly schedule and menu plan!

My skin issue has been a rather challenging one.  My last victory report of hand improvement took a total nose dive.  I have something called RSS-not eczema.  If you care to know about the condition click this link! But anyhow, I have chose to stop using topical steroids and I guess I am suffering a bit of withdrawal.  But I have been feeling pretty good the past couple days-after a hellish end of last week! Keep me in prayer!

Another thought, just really wanting to dig deep with God.  Realizing how easy it is becoming the longer I am saved to just become "religious" and lack "relationship" with Jesus. Challenging myself to some of the initial practices I did as a new convert to spice things up and keep my spiritual temperature high!

Music: For those who don't know, I have such a passion for music.  I love to sing(though can't really "sang"(insert souther accent there).  I play piano, drums and just learned to play bass guitar recently!  I played  bass guitar yesterday for song service! (picture to come) How cool was that?  I had such a jamin good time!  Don't get me wrong I love piano and drums are cool too, but bass definitely rocked my musical boat yesterday!  So for those who have dreamed to play an instrument  its not to late!
Hubby &  Me holding hands

Marriage: I realize I seldom chat about this, but I have a little group in my church called "Taken".  I try my best to send them challenges to wokr on daily or weekly to improve their marriages   This weeks challenge is a Whine Free week!  So for some of my fellow married readers, try a whole week without askin your boo to do anything.  You want something fixed, do it yourself!  Whining is a big turn off to men, and a natural practice for women!  Should be an interesting week! LOL

Hey just wondering as well who reads this site still?  I see many daily views, but few comments.
Drop by and say hello! Would love to hear from you!

Lady Vee on Bass Baby!


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