Moments from the Life of a Pastors Wife!

Hey y'all!
I hope everyone had a great Easter!  I know I did!  I thought I would share some photos from my Easter Week :)
Friday: I deep cleaned my house and then Hubby and I started a New Convert Bible Study.  It was super exciting, now we have three separate study groups in our church!  What a treat for us working with the newbies!
\Newbie  Bible Study
Saturday: I spent with my sweet baby and we made cake boxes for an upcoming wedding!  Aren't they pretty?
Sunday: We hosted our very first communion.  It was very special and quite the task getting that grape juice in those little cups!  Also we had one of our original members come out to church!  Was such a blessing to see her!
My master piece!
Last but not least today I hosted our 1st Annual ladies bible trivia tournament!  Take a look at the teams!  They all did really well!  I was impressed! There is also a random picture of chili fries I made for lunch!  Mmmh mmmhh good! :)
Well those are just a few moments from my life!  Its been a handful lately and I don't suspect it will stop any time soon!  Keep me and my family in your prayers...I truly covet them!  And know that the prayers of the righteous avails much! :)
Easter Sunday Service-71 people :)
The Winning Team
Team #2
Second Place :)
My yummy chilli fries
My pretty daughter
Team # 4


  1. Such a fun week Vee! Looks like it has been full and meaningful. Are you getting to rest also? I hope so, I know I always need to :)

    And I love that you hosted a Bible trivia night!! You are seriously so cool.


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