Internal Spring Cleaning

Well I don't know about you, but every turn of the season my home goes through a thorough wipe down! I de-clutter, throw away and give away anything that isn't necessary( an occasionally things that are necessary...oops).  While I have come to enjoy this "Spring Cleaning" tradition of mine, I began to think of another cleaning that needs to take place.

A cleaning of the soul! My insides need a good cleaning every once and a while.  So this spring I endeavour to do an internal  "spring clean".  Do join me.  This spring cleaning handles two aspects of an internal clean being "Spiritual & Physical".  So here's my little Spring Cleaning suggestions


1)Do some sort of detox-raw fruit diet, water fast, juice fast for a couple of days.

2)Eliminate junk out of your diet

3) Get on top of your poop! Make sure you are going regularly. If not up the fiber, water & exercise!


1) Examine your heart and ask God to reveal hidden sins, character flaws or faults.

2)Seriously repent over known sin, character flaws and faults.

3) Begin a new bible reading and prayer plan!

While each of these lists could be much longer and there are many different ways to clean out our lives Physical & Spiritually, I chose just a few.  It my experience the more simple the process the more likely to follow!

Enjoy, and let me know how your spring clean up goes!


  1. Ha ha laughed out loud at #3 I love the spiritual spring cleaning. I can think of several areas in my life and heart that need it.

    I appreciate you Vee! So grateful for you.

  2. Love this idea I will be doing one myself!


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