A Tea Party Success!

So I have thee most super cool church in the world!  Each month I have been hosting a ladies event. So far we have had, our Valentines Banquet & Bible Tournament!  This time I decided it would be nice to allow other ladies in the church to host and plan an event!  Wow, did these girls ever blow my socks off so I just had to brag!  They hosted our very first "Ladies Tea Party".  The theme was about being a Lady and each  host took the opportunity to share an area where we can strive for excellence as women!

Here is a little from our evening

The Hosts: Lady Ameeka, Lady Jeniel, Lady Anita and Lady Jemima

The Spread: Tuna & Egg Sandwiches.  Cupcakes.  Tea & cookies with punch & fruit!

The Fun: A game where would make our own commercials selling products like "Grace" "Punctuality" and "Positive Speech".  (my team won-HA Abigail!)

The Give aways: Chocolate covered strawberries, and body butters, lotions ect!

The End: A Proud PW!  I am just so proud of these girls to see how far they have come!  Event planning takes a lot of detail and labor.  The whole night was a huge success!  Hats off to you!
The Name Tags

Sweet paper decorations

The Take Aways

My Super cool church :)
My name tag :)
The Hosts :)

My table 

One last fun game! :)


  1. Looks so fun! I love the theme and time together as ladies

    1. It really was an awesome time! I like to do these things to bring unity among the ladies. Keeps us all close :)

  2. Love it good job ladies! Love the topic as well!

  3. Sounds so cool!!!! Good job girls! <3


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