Thank Goodness It's Friday

A warm hello to all my faithful readers!  I know! I know!I have really been slacking with entries lately!
Shame on me!  I have been quite the busy bunny!  I have barely had a chance to sit at the computer and respond to emails, never mind write a post. Even as we speak I have a child that needs to be dressed and band practice to rush off to in under an hour!  Aaaah the life of Lady Vee.

Anyhow, I do have a litle wisdom I would like to share.  Last night I went to dinner with one of my close friends.  In chatting about the busy season of my life I shared with her how I really want to dig deep into God's word this season and labor in prayer.  Reason being, often in the midst of a busy season a spiritual attack is not quite far off.  When things are going good in our lives and everything is in the "up and up", prayer and being on our face before God doesn't rank #1 on our priority list.

Sadly I have seen that play out in my own life, but after going through some things I have come to the place I want to be even closer to God than ever before during the good times.  And then perhaps when the rough times come they just might not be so bad!

So my encouragement to you is, seek God during the good times, even more so than the bad!

Have a lovely weekend!  xoxoxox


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