Don't be a CNE Christian!

Happy Easter from my home to yours.  Last night during service my husband said something in his message that really stirred my heart.  He said how "christian holidays" don't really effect him, because he serves God all year round... I know this sunday services will be full with "CNE" christians.  You know those ones who only attend church Christmas & Easter.   I find it quite disheartening that people even think their "religiousness" impresses God.  He gave His life for us and we can only give Him an "Easter Sunday"?  A couple years ago I watched this amazing story, that really brought Christs crucifixion into perspective!  If you have seen it, I encourage you to watch it again!  We can all use the reminder!  I hope you all have a lovely easter.  But more than anything I hope this Easter you would commit to Christ, and not to the religious holiday!

To watch the entire film click here 


  1. What a great line. Your husband is awesome! So glad you shared

    1. Yep, I am super lucky to have a hubby remind me of the more important thing in life :)


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