Are You Busy? Why?

This mornin started like most other mornings, yet I had no idea how it would be different from every other morning.  I am a pretty busy lady, I have children to tend to and a home to maintain. Although I love to just sit down and "veg", those moments are pretty few and far between. However in the midst of my "busyness" God graciously dropped this little seed in my heart, and gave me some food for thought for the afternoon.

Why are we so busy? Why am I so busy? Have you ever met someone who just couldn't sit still? They constantly had something doing?  Organizing this, cleaning that, running this errand and the list goes on.  Well I have to admit I can be a bit like this.  Okay...I am a lot like this.  I get irritated if I am just sitting around when there is things to do!  I even get irritated if others are sitting around when there are things to do.   And if truth be told I often find my self even trying to make myself busy.  Now I am not advocating laziness.  But compulsive 'busyness', or that urge to alway be on the "go" can be a sign of running from God.

Running from His presence, His word, or even His people.  All in the name of bigger and better more important things to do. Many people struggle to just sit and stop.  Sit and think.  Sit and look within.  We can fill or schedules to avoid the convictions God has been placing on our heart.  We fill our schedules so we can use the excuse "well I was just so busy" when we don't take the time to do what God has really been calling us to do!

 So next time you are busy or even trying to pull the slightest bit of Martha Syndrome, sit an examine your heart.  Ask yourself, am I running from you Lord?  
Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10


  1. A great reminder to be Proverbs 31 women who are proactive and responsible, but also rest and make sure our schedule is filled with what the Lord wants.

  2. Nice article! I am a "busy bee" myself, and can often push back my Bible reading until later and later in the day, just because I "have" to get this other thing done first. By the time I sit and read, it's late in the evening. The truth is, I imagine getting everything else done with a happier heart and healthier perspective if I cut out the proper time to read before starting my day. Thanks for your reminder!


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