Who Do You See in the Mirror?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been disgusted with the reflection? Not just the physical you, but the inner you? Do you ever feel sick and tired of being sick and tired? I know I do. We all have those moments when we think either Jesus is going to have to take us home right then and there or something's got to give!
But what? How can we change that reflection in the mirror? How do we reverse years of bad habits, generational curses and personality flaws that have been with us as long as we can remember?
Well the answer is we can't! We really possess little power to change ourselves. Changing your character isn't like changing a shirt or trying to lose a couple pounds. It involves a miraculous surgery. An appointment with the greatest physician that ever lived and plenty more follow up visits.
A sobering thought came to mind I wanted to share with you... How much have you changed since getting saved? I am not referring to the wardrobe change, the selections of music and entertainment. But the real you...how much of you has changed? Are you still you.... Or is Christ living in you on a regular basis. Not just when you're on a spiritual or emotional high.
If you' re sick and tired of the same old you , maybe it's time to let Jesus live in you. Let Jesus be...you. Let Him consume your entire body, mind, actions, thoughts and emotions. Then check yourself out in the mirror... You won't even recognize yourself, because it won't be you your looking at, it will be HIM!


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