I wish someone told me....

Why is that we always live life in hindsight?  It's quite an annoying concept and unfortunate reality! We just can't seem to refrain from touching the "fire" because we have been told it's "hot".  Oh no no, oh the contrary, we want to test it out for ourselves!  So here's a little list of things I learned after the fact!  Hopefully you can learn from them, and please do share your own!

I will always embarrass myself, and this gets heightened when I am trying not to!
  When my life is faling apart, I am over exaggerating
 When I got married I wouldn't handle every disagreement like I read in the books!
  I still don't and probably will never handle every disagreement like I read in the books!
The inevitable becoming just like your parents.
I can't just eat all the cookies I want for the rest of my life and not gain an ounce!
 Jesus isn't interested in my works list, but has forgiven me on grace alone.
Blogging would become one of my favorite things to do.
Not everyone who acts like they care, really do and neither do you.
Stretching myself is a good thing and worth the temporary discomfort.(Not talking working out)
I am who I choose to be(powerful thought if you really take the time to let it marinate)

What are some of your after the fact life lessons?


  1. God provides. Really. (financially, relationally, emotionally, spiritually when Ry was in health crisis).
    It's better to act facts and cool down than to act or speak out of an emotion.
    Working out makes me feel better, sleep better, live better.

    Hmm..I'm sure there's other buts I love the prompt to think about hindsight wisdom!


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