Birth Order Series Pt 2-Middle Borns

If you're a middle-born

Your philosophy is “Let’s look at this a different way.”
You are Sociable, flexible, open-minded, free-spirited, inventive, agreeable, sometimes rebellious.
You crave Fairness, and your own identity.
You avoid Confrontation and being pigeonholed.
People see you as A consensus builder, 
a defender of the underdog, a peacemaker, 
a rebel against injustice, a social animal.
People may be put off by Your secrecy, indecisiveness and unwillingness to share your feelings.
Careers Mediation, negotiation, diplomacy, social work, teaching, self-employment.
Relationships You are able to get along with almost everyone. But you sometimes defer to others in the interests of co-operation, ignoring your own feelings. A marriage between two middles could have both partners avoiding issues and miscommunicating, or “processing till the cows come home,”. Middles are the most monogamous of all the birth orders and the least likely to go in for councelling. Your best romantic match? Any birth order, but especially a first-born or baby.
Parenting your middle-born Ensure that each of your children gets a say. Don’t wait for your middle child to come to you with a problem; sit down with him or her, close the door and say gently, “Honey, you seem bummed out about something.”
Famous middle-borns Princess Diana, Bill Gates, Shania Twain, Sarah Palin, Martin Luther King, Mark Zuckerberg.

We'll chat about babies tomorrow...


  1. Yup this is me! I don't get along with my firstborn though his orderliness and him wanting me to be like him vexes me lol. I get along with my last born :)

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  3. Lol , like I said in the other post, I grew up for a while as an only child, then the other half of my life (so far) I grew up a middle child so I kinda of see both first born and middle child qualities in myself.

    1. Lol that definitely plays into our personalities Sheila! I am a split between only and first born due to the fact I am 13 years older than my sister


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