Birth Order Series Pt 1 The First Born-That's me!

Have you ever wondered why you and your siblings seem so different sometimes? Here's what your birth order says about you

Despite coming from the same gene-pool, you and your siblings each have a distinct personality. According to researchers, your birth order may account for some of those differences.

If you're a first-born

Your philosophy is “I’m going to do this the right way, and so should you.”
You are Conscientious, reliable, serious, capable, goal-oriented,organized, analytical, well-prepared, precise.
You crave Perfection.
You avoid Unpredictability.
People see you as A natural leader, a problem solver, an upholder of tradition.
People may be put off by Your critical eye, lack of forgiveness or bossiness.
Friendships Most first borns are actually friends with firstborns or only children
Careers Engineering, law, medicine, education, nursing, accounting, management, information technology, research.
Relationships You expect as much of 
others as you do of yourself, which may set you up for disappointment or frustration. A marriage between two first-borns may be like “a cat and a dog in a sack,” says psychologist Kevin Leman, as you each strive to be the leader. Try carving out separate areas in which to lead, such as one in the workplace and the other at home. Your best romantic match? A later-born.
Parenting your first-born or only You may set unreasonably high standards for your children, even subconsciously encouraging perfectionism. If your already perfectionist eldest child rips up a drawing or a project because “it’s not good enough,” Leman suggests you say, “I know it’s a big deal to you, but it’s not to me,” and walk away. 
Famous first-borns Oprah Winfrey, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Stephen Harper.

We'll chat about Middle Borns tomorrow...


  1. Happy Birthday last Saturday Vee :) Hope it was a great day. I'm a first born also and see a lot of truth in your analysis here. Glad you were first born too because you have so many strong, and incredible characteristics. The Lord made you wonderfully!

    1. Thanks again girlie! And that's funny your a first born too! :)

    2. Thanks again girlie! And that's funny your a first born too! :)

  2. This is very interesting! I'm a first born but i dont see all of these in my personality. The one that is me to a tee is the "crave for perfection", a lot of times i feel like what i do can be done better and i will often re-do things until im satisfied-especially when it comes to writting something, i can easily rewrite a card or something like 3 times....dont judge me :( lol
    for careers i think its totally off lol although i may fall somewhere between education and nursing i guess lol
    and most of my friends are first borns!! thats an interesting observation!
    I see a lot of these qualities in Alisha ;) lol

    1. Wow you don't strike me as a first born AMy! I would say a last born.... And yes Alisha is a sure first born

  3. Lol, funny because Alisha and I call people who are bossy, meticulous, perfectionists.. people with "first born syndrome." More times than not, they are first borns. Amy btw, we always say that you're a first born but don't have first born qualities really (I'm sure we've told you this lol), and come to think of this most of my friends are first borns. I'm not the oldest, but grew up the oldest for a while because my older bros didnt live with me (long story lol) so I'm defniitely a first born child as far according to my qualities.

    1. Ahaha to first born syndrome! I also find if you are first born girl you can have first born qualities tooy! Or depending on how much older you are than you siblings or how much older they are than you! You strike me as a middle born sheila!:)


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