How to be friends with a PW?

When surveyed, the most reoccurrent emotion felt by Pastors Wives  was that of loneliness.
 If truth be told we all can feel lonely.  One can be in a room filled with people and still feel like the only one in the room.  Now this is not a "boo-hoo" post, but there are some things I wish I knew about Pw's before I became one.  Although no one can fully eliminate the "lonley factor" but Jesus, you and I as fellow members in the church can be such a blessing and real friends to our PW's.  Here is how!

1)Pray for her: Charles Spurgeon said "the kindest thing anyone could do for me is to pray for me."
PW's seriously need all the prayer they can do her a favor and bump her to the top of your prayer list, right after you pray for yourself and family!

2)Protect her:When others try and put her down or gossip be the one that stands up for her.  She may be flawed and make many mistakes but she is trying her best.  She takes a lot of flack and it's nice to know you have someone in your corner! (Side note: the girls in my church are awesome with this, I truly feel like they care and have my back)

3)Remember her: The first lady some how ends up being the last lady to be thought of in church. Not a lot of people think to take out their PW, or call their PW and ask her how she is doing.  She will truely appreciated. (Just yesterday some girls in church blessed me and took me for lunch, what an honor that was!)

4)Be Normal:  Despite what you may think she really isn't superwoman, and has her ups and downs just as much as the next person.  Pw's want genuine friendships, they want to laugh and kick back and have a good time just as much as you.  So when you get around her don't get all wierd and have "PW alert behaviour on".  Be yourself, you don't have to treat her differently, but do treat her well.

(I know this post was late, it was sitting in my outbox...wooops forgot to send! Hehe!)


  1. So good to know Vee! I love how you talk about the needs and hearts of PW's. I'm learning so much!

    1. Aww thats good! Do you know your pastors wife?


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