Birth Order-Series Pt 4 The One and Only

Children without siblings are frequently expected to be spoilt, demanding and introverted – but, in fact, the ‘only’ child is often more gregarious than their peers as they have to work harder to find company and make friends. Whether or not any child is ‘spoilt’ is dependent on the parents, and lots of only children are more than happy to share their possessions with friends if encouraged to do so from an early age. Because they tend to spend more time in grown-up company than with other children, they can be somewhat precocious, but they are usually self-sufficient too.
On the plus side: 
  • They’re often self-assured and scholarly. 
  • They have good powers of concentration.
  • They learn quickly.
  • They can be well organised and efficient.
  • They are comfortable with adults as well as other children.
  • They are self-reliant and independent.
On the minus side:
  • They can become self-centred as they are used to undivided attention at home.
  • They may be over-sensitive and unwilling to accept criticism from others. 
  • They can be overly critical of themselves.
  • They may be overly organised and perfectionist.

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  1. I've always been fascinated with the concept of "birth order" and how it plays out in our lives. I LOVE being the middle child and have always enjoyed the benefits of being close in age to both my sisters. Thanks for posting the details on this- I really enjoy Kevin Leman's stuff too!

    1. Oh yes I have his birth order book, its quite interesting! I wasn't aware of the affect birth order has on individuals until I read it! :)


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