Birth Order Pt3- Babies....

If you're the baby

Your philosophy is “Sounds fun. Let’s do it!”
You are Charming, impetuous, entertaining, affectionate, persuasive, sentimental, insecure, adventurous.
You crave Attention and respect.
You avoid Responsibility.
People see you as The life of the party, 
a risk taker, a trailblazer.
People may be put off by Your absentmindedness, self-centredness or manipulativeness.
Careers Acting, comedy, music, the arts, sports, sales, marketing. 
Relationships You’re lovable but tend to want to grab the attention away from others. You’re impatient with the grunt work of life, such as paying bills or making appointments, and may instead dump it on your spouse. A marriage between two youngest-borns may focus on fun at the expense of responsibility. Your best romantic match? A first-born or an only.  “Babies need first-borns to straighten them out. First-borns need babies to lighten them up.”
Parenting your last-born You have great times with your kids but may be inconsistent with giving them rules and discipline. With your own youngest child, be sure to assign responsibility and hold him or her accountable.
Famous last-borns Celine Dion, Tessa 
Virtue, Scott Moir, Ellen DeGeneres, 
Cameron Diaz, Tina Fey, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, 
Prince Harry.

Only child tomorrow...


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