I completely forgot to write this post monday but I am taking 2 weeks off to just enjoy the break with my children!  As a housewife I have never really taken any "time off"!  But since homeschooling, this little vacation is much needed!  So I have dumped out all schedules! I have given myself permission to sleep in(as long as the kids permit).  House work is done leisurely and kept to a minimum ( I did a huge clean over the just maintaining) and all I can say to any house wife or homeschooling mom is you have got to try it!  Not just a day off but a week or two!  Get your kids to help you with things if you can, even get hubby on's been 4 days and I already just feel amazing and refreshed!  Anyhow with that said....I won't be posting until the New Year! So here is wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and a excellent New Year!  I am privileged to have so many faithful readers! With are some photos of my christmas season thus far....

First up trip to Reptillia
COuldn't get the greatest I was a bit more concerned about the baby alligator within arms shot of my precious daughter

This lady says this is her dream job! Seriously? Thats a boaconstricter..I touched it! Woot Woot!

She won't take a picture with Santa...but to touch the rattle of a rattlesnake...thats not scary at all?Th logic of children! I was sweating bullets!
Never seen one of these up close...i actually touched this too! Felt like a teddybear :)

Friends Skating :)

Kids at Play Group

The "Taylors have come to town" (mum, sis, nana and her hubby)

My favorite people!

Me & Nana-I hope I look this good when I am her age(74)

We went carolling in my neighborhod!  Awesome!

Feliz Navidad!

Always a fun time with these girls

The silent game...i was cracking up 

Trying to arrange themselves in order of birth dates without speaking

Love this pic...mostly because of our outfits...wasn't done on purpose...we are just cool like that!

Anyone see how Aiden(baby) is smiling so big! :)

The Famous Grin!

An early gift opening session

It's not makeup inside :) 

Merry Christmas Love The Rodney Family


  1. Cute pics! Looks like you've had a Christmas season full of festivities! Good for you, that's what makes this time so much fun :-)

  2. Love all the pics! Looks like so much fun :) Excited for you to end your break and fill us in on your life! Miss you!

    1. I must say I miss blogging
      ...I will be back come Monday! Miss you too...I have still been checking out your posts :) that song of yours got in my head too...I had never heard daughter was looking at me weird as I was watching the video! Very catchy song!


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