Take your Kid to work Day: A Day in the Life of a Pastors Wife

Hi, my name is Kelsey and I am 15 years old.  I am writing on Lady Vee’s Blog today and here is why!  Today was take your kids to work day and I decided to go to Lady Vee’s and see what a stay at home mother/pastors wife does.  At first I thought that this day would be a peaceful day, no school, no work just chill with her and the kids.  Maybe do a little homeschooling with her oldest, but little did I know.  Lady Vee’s life is CRAZY BUSY, She picked me up bright and early and took me grocery shopping with her daughters.  Then we went home and she quickly made us breakfast. Then she has to teach Tee-Tee her school lessons and do laundry at the same time. She was also preparing dinner so early in the morning.  She has to make food for the kids that keep bugging her saying they’re hungry, like every 10 minutes and then she has to clean up every 5 seconds.  The baby spills something or something’s out of place (she’s a clean freak) and after she has to put her baby to nap (and you know how babies can be when she’s tired).  Even when she was napping  Lady Vee was still cleaning up and didn’t have time to sit for even 2 minuts. She can’t even use the washroom in peace without someone saying “mommy”. We took the girls to a play group for toddlers and Lady Vee was helping her oldest do her school work and trying to balance playing with her toddler.  We got home and she fixed us all dinner and is now folding more laundry and getting things ready for church. Today was a good experience for me because I got to see how hard mother’s work just to make everything perfect.   I would really appreciate a mother like Victoria because sometimes we don’t realize just how much they do for us. Also there is so much more that she did today it’s amazing how hectic a day with Lady Vee is~.Kelsey


  1. What a fun post! Stay at home moms are the hardest workers that I've ever known. It's a ministry and job all rolled into one. And add on the pressures of being a Pastor's wife and things just step up in responsibility.

    I admire you Vee-what an incredible role model, mama, wife, friend, and Jesus-love you are (among MANY other roles).

    1. Thanks so much Carly...lol I don't quite think I am worthy of admiration though! LOl Most days I am a hot mess! Haha!


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