Late Monday With Lady Vee: My Unwritten Rules

As per  usual, I have been challenging myself again.  Not with a well written down, set out "boot camp"challenge, like I have tried and failed in previous months.  Just a few guidelines that I strive to live by each day.  These are not the "Absolute Rules",but are a gentle reminder of what I would like to accomplish, and aim for.

I have found, that any habit that stays with me for the long haul, begins without awareness! For example, if I had set out to read one book each week, sadly that would most likely last all of 2 days.  But I just happened to naturally find myself reading books, and when I did the math...well there you have it!

Enough rambling, here are some of my little guidelines that have really changed me life, and me in the past couple weeks!  Give them a try, modify them of course, but remember, this isn't "the law", YOU MUST follow, just little whispers of reminder as your day unfolds!  Good luck!

1) I need Jesus in the Morning: Before I take a single step out of bed, I bow my head in prayer.  This doesn't have to be a long prayer, some days it turns into one, other days it just doesn't work.  But my morning Jesus talk has been awesome and much needed.

2) I need to eat in the Morning:Not much of a "morning eater"? Well this type of meal you can't afford to miss. I need to read my precious bible. Even just one scripture meditated on, can feed my spirit and give me the spiritual strength to get through my day!

3)I need a Plan:  So after the Jesus talk and food, I think about some goals for the day. Perhaps it's to clean my 3rd floor, just some practical duties to get done that morning.

4) I need to put things in their place:  If everything has a place and you make an effort things where they belong then, mess and untidiness are virtually impossible! :)

5)I need to do a kind deed:  This one takes the focus off myself.  I think of one kind thing I can do for another whether it be a friend or family member.  At the end of the day, you feel so great knowing you did something to help another!

6) I need to remain calm: Sometimes emotions get heated and we can completely blow a situation out of proportion  However maintaining an attitude of "calm" really helps.  When a situation arises to get you ticked..think things like "I can handle this later" "this is not the end of the world" "today is still a good day"

Well lovely ladies, that's it!  This little list doesn't hoard over me, like some of my other schedules and too do lists.  But is a quite memento of who I'd like to be and what I want to do. These reminders visit me often in a day, clothed in love and grace and I find myself taking comfort in them more as each day passes and the fruit of them begins to blossom!

Do you have any unwritten rules you live by?


  1. Great post on your unwritten (now written) rules! lol
    I am a routine kind of gal, so I have many little quirky "must do's" throughout my day that keep me going- I carve time out for prayer every morning as well- otherwise, everything looks fuzzy and upside down! LOL

  2. Vee I love this list. It's a good list of ways to focus on the Lord and less on ourselves. I especially like #1 & #2. I know that is something I am lacking right now and need more of. You are so great!

    1. yes # 1 & 2 are vital... i hope you get to implement more of that in your mornings! I will keep you in prayer!


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