Friday Book Reviews here is what we have been reading this week!

My Pick
Secrets of Mental Math
Author: Arthur Benjamin 

Review: Can you multiply 14x16 off hand? 22345x11?Or what about about 153+40+25+10?
Most of us can do these calculations with a pen and paper or a calculator.  But can you imagine being able to do it in your head within seconds?  I stumbled across a video about mental math, and wanted to know more. I was absolutely fascinated by how easy math really is!  And how we have been cheated learning it the long hard confusing way our whole lives!  I look forward to teaching my daughters to do math this way.Its just so simple and easy! Click here for the free PDF
Her Pick

A little Princess
Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Review: Lets just say Tiana can't wait to finish her math so she can move on to reading!  And math is her favorite subject!  It's the classic stroy of Sara Crewe.  During the war her Dad sends her to a boarding school, where she is quite popular.  She is a sweet innocent (rich) child.  But once word gets back to the head mistress that her father died in war, she becomes a servant girl and is treated very poorly!  Its one of the sweetest books ever. The theme of this book is "Every girl is a princess...

Bed Time Story

The Piano Man
Author: Debbie Chocolate
Review: We got this book for free from the nearly made me cry!
Its the sweetest story of a Grandfathers career as pianist.  I don't know if its because I play piano or because the little art is so well done in the book, but as you read it you an literally feel the story! It's become a new favorite bed time story in our home! :D


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