Friday Book Review

Friday Book Review

Alright so last week I read...The Joyful Christian by C.S Lewis.  Basically it's an assortment of his writings on various topics.  The book wasn't quite what I was expecting.  When you read a title called "A Joyful Christian" , well thats what you think the book is about!  Never the less, I learned quite a bit about how Mr. Lewis viewed God and various topics like atheism, theology and the trinity!  I wouldn't really reccomend this book.  It's good, but not quite a front to cover read! :( Ahh well better luck next time!

This week

My Pick
New Testament Follow Up
Waylon B. More

So this month I am trying to read books that stir my faith and help me in my Christianity.  I think Follow up is an area that is very easy to slack in. It can be easy to leave our efforts in other christians lives at the door after church on sundays or wednesdays.  So I am hoping this book will challenge me to get even more involved in new converts lives and hopefully give me methods that will yield disciples and strong christians!  Let you know how it went next week!

Her Pick
Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Roald Dahl

Review: Do we really need a review to this?  This book is a classic that goes way back to your childhood.  I must admit I picked "her" pick this week.  I secretly want to snuggle up and "watch" (wink wink) my daughter read this book!


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