Friday Book Review

Her Pick: Aesops Fables
Author: Fulvio Testa
Review: These short moral rich stories are a wonderful bed time story and great for leisure reading!
Aesop was a slave that lived about 600 BC.  That would be around the time many of the Prophets like Jeremiah were around.  These stories have passed through the generations.  I remember reading these with my father as a child.  And now my little girl is doing the same!  As she read them this week she said "wow mommy I really love to read".  One lesson she learned this week was "Flattery is an insincere form of praise".

My Pick: The Joyful Christian
Author : C S Lewis
Review: The joyful christian gives a good introduction to the breadth and depth of Lewis's religious reflections.
Or so the back says....confession-I have yet to read it, but this is my book for this week!  The mental math I just finished up with today!  No, I am no mathematician ..these concepts take so much practice,but in time!  So my review on this book the Joyful Christian shall be here next week!

Happy Friday Folks!


  1. Love hearing other peoples book reviews!!! Keep them coming :-)


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