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Well, if any of you have gotten to know me through blog, you know I love to challenge myself to new things! Over the past couple weeks due to homeschooling I have been reading A LOT more than usual.
Mainly because I want my 8 year old to develop the same love for reading as I have.  As they say "Monkey see, monkey do".  So I unknowingly have been reading one book per week!  Once I caught on, I decided I would make it a weekly routine and share it with you all!
I go to the library twice a week for play groups, but usually on the fridays I exchange all of our books!  I really encourage you to use your local library, it's amazing how much is out there.  Even good Christian material.  I am not sure about your city or town.  But in Toronto you can go on the site and search almost any book and place it on hold plus have the book sent to your "home branch".  This is well worth it.  And will save you tons of money!  Also it's a lovely routine to get into with your children if you have any!

So here is my weekly book review!  I will always Post my book and my daughters book for any body who has children readers between the ages of 9-13 

My Pick

For Better of For Best
Author:Gary Smalley

 Review: Can I just say WOW! I have read probably 85% of the christian marriage books out there....and this one is different!  This one has a lot of practical advice! I loved it, because it dealt with real life situations,techniques and insight into males brains and much more!  All my married friends...this is a must read!  And he even has a male version called if he only knew! Plus if you read this book it shows you how to get that man of yours to actually read HIS book...WILLINGLY AND EXCITEDLY!  If that hasn't sold you...you must be married to Mr. Perfect! 

Her Pick
Author:Roald Dahl

Review: Afte reading this my oldest tells me, she really likes reading now!  Matilda is a very good influence for young readers.  She has inspired both my daughter and I to become mental Math Whizzes like herself. And the book comes with a list of Matilda's Favorites. My oldest wants to read all the classics Matilda has!  The book is just as funny as the movie!


  1. Oh I LOVE MAtilda. One of the best books out there.
    I'll check out "Better Or For Best". We love "Love & Respect" or "Real Marriage". Both are good if you need another book soon.

    What a great mama you are-instilling a love of reading in your sweet girls! Can't wait for the next review

    1. Oh I haven't read Real Marriage yet? Who is the author?
      And yes I sincerely hope that my children grow to adore reading good quality books! There is also a lot of junk out there for them to read. I find myself checking out more of the classics like Huckleberry fynn and Oliver twist! Aesops fables are also a big favorite in our home!

  2. I love book reviews!!!! I will for sure be checking this book out. My girls loved Matlida too...and like you I hope my children (continue) to adore a love of reading!!!
    Thanks for the reviews...keep them coming :-)

    1. let me know what you think of it! And will do!

    2. Our family loves the library:) One of the blessings of being back in Canada. I was surprised at how many Christian books there are too:)
      The girls loved Roald Dahl.


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