Mondays with Lady Vee:The Art of Hospitality

Better a happy guest who can notice our dust and chipped dishes but truly feel welcome than a guest who heaps praises on our beautiful home but on the inside feels inadequate in comparison.

Hospitality.  What is hospitality?  After reading this quote, I can certainly list what it is not.
It is not a prim and proper well decorated home.  It isn't my beautiful mum display and hanging fall arrangements welcoming one at my door.  It's not even my "marshmellow fireside "scented oil that fragrances my home. It's not order, or detail.  It not the well cooked meals or appetizers and fancy spreads one can lay.

Which puts me in a bit of a pickle   You see as an aspiring new wife this is what I thought hospitality was.  Subconsciously keeping up with the Jones and the other "stepford wives" of society. But with some experience and after reading this I realized there is something more than 'well organized fellowships'. (not to knock any of the above..they are good, but not needed for hospitality)

Hospitality is welcoming un-invited guests.  It's sharing that last box of kraft dinner with an unexpected visitor.  It's letting someone into your life when you hadn't scheduled them in.  It's the laughter and memories that are only cultivated when people are comfortable enough to put their feet up and relax in your home.  See when I have "tried" to be hospitable, I am doing the complete opposite.  I am giving off and "I have it all together" image, that can be very intimidating and not quite comfortable to be around.  Not to mention I am in a tiff, because my perfectly organized schedule isn't quite working out as planned!  I realize the times I have probably been the most hospital are the times when I was too tired to care about the fluffed pillows, or the fact that I hadn't cleaned my bathroom yet.(shocking I know)

True hospitality has nothing to do with what you have or you don't have!  It's sharing ones heart, ones life and allowing your guest to do the same!  So my dear readers, I encourage you not to shy away from being hospitable, thinking you  don't have the fancy house or all the other 'hoo ha's' everyone else does!  Just share you, be willing to give of you...and that will cause people to come back every time!'s

And for other ladies, like myself...who feel the constant need to be "Martha's" and have it all together...just relax....people will stil enjoy your company without the five course meal! :D

Love ya!


  1. I really enjoyed this post! its very true!
    I have one memory that always stands out about you and Gary. It was one time when me and La Lune had no where to go in between service and at the last minute asked you guys. You had nothing prepared at home and you were both tired. We came with a separate ride and you told us when we got there you'd probably be in bed and we can just make ourselves at home. And we did! We went on ur computer and just relaxed on your couches (you even "shhh" us when we were being too loud lol) Then you guys woke up and came to join us to just talk for a bit before we all got ready for church.
    You know that that is one of my fondest memories as a young convert? The fact that you and Gary opened up ur home and just let us into ur lives-no fluff!

    1. LOL, I think I remember that....haha wow I remember thinking I am probably being so un-hospitable! LOL


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