Mondays With Lady Vee: Irritated Much?

Ugghh I just can't stand this girl! She really gets under my skin!  Oh don't tell me she is coming...great! (not)

If you have been alive for any amount of time you have experienced the irritants of people.  And more specifially other ladies.  Girls drive other gals nuts sometimes don't they/we?
So what do you do when someone gets under your skin? How do you deal with Ms. 'Know it All', or Misses 'Dumb Dumb'. Or what about Ms 'Prim' and Mrs 'Proper'.  How do you deal with Miss Abnioxious and Ms Too Good for you? 's  We can't for get  Ms Rejection and Mister Ego...cause well he's always there too! There are plenty of these personality types in the world, and they always tend to find there selves in your ministry, in your house, in your church, in your car, in your workplace, in your class or maybe they even live in your home.  Although you would love to love them, loving to hate them is just so much easier.

As a PW, and  fellow Christ follower I know all too well what it's like to deal irritating people!  Sometimes is not them, it's just me, and then there are other times ,about 90% (lol) it's them! Hahaha! So how do we fix this little people irking problema? Here's My recipe:

Lady Vee's Reversa Annoya Flambé Recipe

1 daily cup of prayer (for the annoy-ee)
1 hint of warm physical contact (a hug will do the trick)
3 tablespoons of empathy (just try and imagine your life in their shoes)
30 dashes of grace (what's a flambé without grace?)
4 teaspoons of love icing (because love covers a multitude of sins)
a huge slice of your flesh a.k.a...dying to ones self!
....and a rather large pinch of generosity (buy them a gift, your heart will follow your money)

Mix'em all together an what do you got?
...A Reversa Annoya Flambé and possibly a new friend!
Oh and the key to making the FlambĂ© turn out really really good, is to keep making it OVER and OVER and OVER again!  Hehe! Practice makes Perfecto!

Happy Flambé!


  1. love this post!
    all of these points are so important. I always try and think of the good things in people and not focus on the negative. I always remind myself that everyone has a story and sometimes the things that have happened in our life make our personality and what we have become.
    Thanks for the post!


    1. you're absolutely right. If we think of the good in people it usually hopes override all the negative!
      I am glad you enjoyed the post! I enjoyed writing this one! :D

  2. This is so good Vee!!! I can think of a few people who TOTALLY get under my skin but I rarely respond with the gracious and loving recipe you listed. I will be writing that recipe down in my journal. We certainly don't have to be evreyone's best friend but like you said we can love them and at least have empathy and grace.

    A good reminder for me today :)

    1. Hey, I am with you, I need to practice my own recipe quite a bit myself! And you're right we don't have to be everyones best friend or over do it! But often we aren't even doing a bit to reconcile the situation! :( Thanks for commenting! Missed ya over here!

  3. Hahahahahh That was GOOD and TRUE, Amen to having to do it OVER and OVER and OVER again lol sometimes i wish things can change after one prayer ,one blessing , one time of dying to self lol but sometimes it takes longer then just one time but i believe that some of the greatest friendships are birthded out of this "flambe recipe" lool Good Job Victoria lol im going to forsure right this down, never know when it might come in handy :)loool

    1. Glad you enjoyed! I made some flambe today! LOL


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