It's Monday with Lady Vee!

Good Afternoon to all my lovely readers!

It's Monday and where I live its pretty gloomy!  One would swear it was spring time!  But hey,this rain is great for my mums (flowers), so I really can't complain!  It shows me that even the gloom in life can be used for good!

Late last week, the Lord (like He often does) sent me a WORD.  It hit me, like reyma from heaven! So I thought I would share with you kind folks!
"What the enemy has intended to use for evil, I will use for good" Gen 50:20
Oh how this word completely brought comfort to my soul. As I began to observe my surroundings, I was amazed at how many things that the Devil would mean for Evil the Lord turns around for good!  My mums being just one example! Although its a gloomy day, come tomorrow my flowers will look more gorgeous than ever!  On a more serious note, when the Devil throws fiery darts at you/... take heart, God can use that same situation for HIS glory!  What a creative God we serve!  Only God could take me a messed up single teen age mom and turn me into the lady I am today!  Who would have thought? So next time tragedy hits, instead of sitting there wallowing in the disaster, get creative like God and try and think of how this situation can be turned for Good!  That will certainly mess the Devil up! :)

Anyone have and testimonies of how the Lord turns something that the Devil meant for evil  around in your own life?  Please do share....


  1. Yaay im first!!
    i havnt been on your blog for sometime but i must say i enjoyed going back and reading your old posts their great.

    I saw that their was no comments on this post ,so i challenged myself to write something lol ima try to make this quick , dont judge all my mistakes cause english wasnt my best subject lool.

    So i like this post because it reminds me of something i went through about two years ago, i had fallen into sin (not going into detail ) and was in bondage to a certain sin that i couldnt and wouldnt let go of. By the grace of God i was able to get the victory and be set free from that sin but I remember just feeling so condemnd and discouraged everyday, believing every lie that the enemy would throw my way telling me that "things would never get better for me" "that ill be stamped as this type of sister""that their is no future for me anymore " etc I remeber reading Romanss 8:1 which is the scripture that led me to victory which says "their is therefor now no condemnation in those who are in Christ Jesus who do not walk according the flesh but according to the spirit" i was encouraged by that scripture and was able to claim the Victory that christ had given me.

    Fast forward about 2 years later i see that though my fall was something bad God has turned it for Good . I am now able to assist and encourage those who have gone or are going through the same situation i went through . I was very encouraged when a sister chose to confide in me about what she herself was going through because she knew i went through it aswell she believed i could help her. I look at my situation (though it sucked) as a learning experience and i belive that now God is useing me to Give glory to him by encouraginig those who are going through similar situations.

    i dont really know if all that i wrote made sense or if it even fit the post topic lol but i just wanted to show that though we go through certain things in life in which we believe is a Fail , God sees things differently then we do . He is able to use all things for the purpose of his Glory :)

    Be blessed

    1. Great comment La Fleur! thanks for the encouragement. Praise God for His grace!!!!

    2. Powerful! You have definitely come out smoke Free! I am very proud of you and the young lady you have become! The Lord really really has changed you from the day I met you till now! I your life encourages me! Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart. With us!


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