Run! Forest Run!

I know! I know! I said I would only post on mondays!  And I still plan on it, but I wanted to share my crazy run last night! I have decided to begin running every day...well I decided that in the summer, but wasn't consistant...but now I have a running buddy who is pretty much a female version of Hussain Bolt!  Lord help me!  We went running last night, up hill for 65 % of the time.  I ran for an HOUR in the rain.  Now at one point I was ready to give up and she said okay just baby steps!  So I jogged tiny little baby steps, within about 2 minutes she said okay lets jog faster and finish.  And I did it!

I just thought about how when we come to crisis in our lives, and feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life, we can just slow down and take babysteps. Once that over whelming feeling leaves, resume to a faster pace! Thanks Lorette for teaching me that last night!  We don't have to quit, just take baby steps!

Happy Day!


  1. Good for you for pushing through and making it to the end! The rewards feel great when we persevere :)

    1. Amen! For sure, and each time it gets easier! I have run the 5 k race three times since...and now its a breeze!


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