Random Friday with Lady Vee: It's me

This is me!  Now this is not just any photo...this is me in my most natural state!  I rolled out of bed and voila...this is what I looked like. No make up, no concealer, no mascara, hair a mess, haven't even brushed my teeth.  So what possessed me to take this picture?

Well yesterday morning, I woke up and looked in the mirror like I usually do before walking to the bathroom to freshen up for the day.  And it dawned on me, how much more comfortable in my own skin I am.  You see years ago...lol maybe even months ago, I would dodge the mirror.  I wouldn't leave the house without make up and all the other additives that make me feel "pretty".  I would look in the mirror and see all my flaws.  I would see how I could afford to loose an inch here, loose a blemish there.  I didn't just see my natural state as 100% beautiful. I didn't think I was fearfully and wonderfully made...sometimes I would look in the mirror and think "ugggh Lord, I think you made a few boo boos making me"

Somewhere along the line as I have grown older I have become comfortable with my true skin.  Not just my exterior skin, but my true self and the life I have been given.  I am comfortable with my life, my family. I am happy with my home and what I have.  My eyes are not always looking for more of what I can get from the world.  I am happy with my wardrobe (this can be a big deal for girls), always wanting the next new piece of fashion.  I am content with who I am as a person, flaws and all..

Some how yesterday one glance in the mirror made me realize I am truly comfortable with my self.  All my insecurities of youth have faded away.  All my desires to keep up with the "Jones's" have vanished and I am left content with what I have been given.

What about you? Are you comfortable with yourself?  I don't just mean going out without makeup, some people do that all the time but aren't confident in who they are.

Lady Vee's Tips to Being comfortable with yourself

1) For a day loose all thing fake, forget the makeup, fancy clothes, just be simple and plain.  And take that day to reflect on what you do have to offer.  Write it down even!

2) Find out who you are in Christ!  What does God say about you?

3)Write a grateful list!  Often we aren't comfortable because of comparison issues!  So write a long list of all the things in your life you like and are grateful of!  Each day read over this list as health reminder of the Blessed Life God has given you!


  1. You are stunning and a beautiful child of God!!

    1. Aw Carly... thanks you very much! Your a stunning one yourself! You have a very precious beauty that radiates even through a blog friendship :)


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