Mondays With Lady Vee: Emotions

As a women, I can run through a whole truck load of emotions in a 5 minute time span!  I can be happy, and excited, then anxious and irritated, and then flat out ticked off and angry.  Then I can start to feel guilty for being so impatient and I end up sad and frustrated!  That was about 10 different emotions!lol

Emotions are absolutely amazing and yet and yet an absolute pain in the rear end at the same time.  Last night at church we were watching 'The Secrets of Jonathan Sparey',  although I have seen this touching tear jerker at least 4 times, I still cried like I did the first time I watched it!

Usually I wouldn't admit it, but I am quite the emotional gal.  Doesn't take much to move me. Take yesterday, I first hand watched a little girl get her finger slammed in the trunk by her mother and I was nearly in tears.  The mother seemed completely emotionless by the whole scenario as her little girls finger was stuck in the trunk and me a mere stranger is literally aching inside as if it had been my own finger.

Although I love that I can "feel" deeply for people, and sympathize with others.  There are other parts of emotions I don't like.  Those negative emotions, like anger,bitterness, jealousy and the like.  These emotions can spring right out of you without any warning, or where how!  You could be having an excellent day and a creeping wave of jealousy can sweep over you. Emotions of self pity, insecurity, lust, depression all can engulf  themselves around your soul and intoxicate your inner being.

So where the heck do these emotions come from?.  The bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  I believe the mouth speaks what the heart feels.  Our emotions come from what's really hidden in our hearts!  OUCH!!  That certainly hurt my "little good person ego"!

So how to we over come our negative emotions?  Well we have to call it as it is!  Repent...but really repent. Saying things like " Lord I repent of murder, because I have hated my brother, your word says...."or "Lord forgive me for being covetous, your word says..." or "Lord I have been quick to anger and disobeyed your word, help me to be slow to anger that I may not sin against you".  I believe using Gods word as we repent is critical.  It help us not to put a "band-aid over the wound, but throws rubbing alcohol into the depths of our hearts and cleans it out!

Well whats your thoughts on emotions?


  1. Vee thanks for sharing all about CRAZY emotions. Though they are for sure a great indicator of what's going on in our hearts. I like to use emotions as a gauge for what needs to happen in my heart-much like you talked about. Am I super irritable and selfish? I need a "throne check" to put Jesus back where he belongs. Seeing fruit of the spirit indicates to me Christ is where he needs to be in my life, though I can't take credit for that :)

    Emotions drive me nuts sometimes because they feel unpredictable now and then and I want to pretend like I don't have control. But they are fully controllable by God. And I can submit them to Christ so that he can deal with them fully and with his perfect understanding.

    1. I like how you said they can be fully controlled by God! Amen Sis! :D

  2. I just heard a quote over the weekend that I really liked. It said "Emotions don't have brains".
    In other words, while emotions come and go, they are not based on logic- so we should steer clear of making decisions based on how we "feel". I like the thought because it puts our emotions in healthy perspective. Great post! :)

    1. I like that "emotions don't have brain", lol no wonder they flare at at the worst moments! LOL :)


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