Tis the Most Wonderful Time of My Year

As September begins and another mini "new year" starts, I have some bitter sweet news for all my "daily readers".   Lady Vee's posts will be cut down to once a week!  There are some exciting new changes and adjustments happening in the Rodney Home, that I will share at a later date!  But they are going to keep me quite busy.  I want to take this new season of our lives to spend focused on my family and being available to all they will need me for!

But this isn't an end!  I will have a weekly update called "Mondays with Lady Vee" that will keep you all a fresh with the 411 in the Rodney Life!  I hope to resume my daily/every other posts in the New Year depending on how things go!  I do hope you will join me Mondays though for a special treat!  Also to all those who are shy on the comments, I invite you to start commenting again!  As another contest will soon be around the corner! (Shame on me Deb I forgot all about mailing your prize! Yikes-loosing my mind!)

Its been such a lovely summer, a bit sad that it is coming to an end.  But September marks a fresh start -oddly as everything begins to die! The fall is sincerely my favorite time of year!  The leaves turning, the crisp cool breeze, excitement for christmas, the smell of apple cider, and pumkins everywhere!  Ohhh goodbye summer, I gladly welcome fall!  Did I mention I love fall fashion?  The boots, the scarves, trench coats, the warm beiges, rustic oranges, and deep browns!  Aaaahh yes!  Oh and what about good old fashioned fall cooking?  Yes, out comes the baker in me, with fresh pie, and squares, warm soups, hot bread, roasted chicken....aahhh I am making myself hungry!  Of course we can't forget that fall spirit, everyone just seems peaceful, little yellow school buses everywhere! Well rested from summer, but excited about whats to come, yet not stressed  over christmas just yet!  Yes "Tis the most wonderful time of the year!!!"

Happy September!


  1. I love basking in the Summer sun, but I admit that Fall is my most favourite time of the year too! I look forward to your Monday posts! :)

  2. Vee I LOVE the fall too!!! It is the best season of the year. Can't wait for Mondays with Vee :)


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